Welcome To Nextgentoothbrush.com

I never imagined I would slice a portion of the cyberspace for reviewing oral care products.

And that is why technology is awesome.

They went from manual to electric in tooth brushing and boom! One after the other, different models of electric toothbrushes kicked in, each trying to be better than their predecessor.

There are so many brands (mostly Braun Oral-B & Philips sonicare) and models that exist on the market today that sometimes it becomes enormously difficult for the prospective buyers to choose and buy a toothbrush that would really work for them.

The ease with which electric toothbrushes beat their manual counterparts inspired other electronic developments in oral care like water flossers and oral irrigators.

With so much happening, and being the keen observer that I am, I decided to take the plunge – carve a space that would be your one-stop destination to read about all high-end and less fancied models. In fact, your response encouraged me so much I even started toying with infographics (sigh, some video reviews are on way too).

I tell you what clicks and what flicks for each reviewed product, why they are better or worse than others in the class and what exactly should you expect for a lifespan.

While I rely on my own testing for the reviews, I also source in a lot of information from other registered customers who have used the same product, lest I should miss out on a unique observation that did not occur with me.

Need a clarification on some part of the review that you missed? Write to me (contact us) personally and I will answer you to the best of my knowledge.