About Us

We are a group of oral care product reviewers committed to giving you the latest reviews of top oral care products, electric toothbrushes in particular. We do interview experts at regular intervals to know about the latest technologies that have made inroads in the electric toothbrush market. We have seen many people who are not quite happy with their manual toothbrushes and all they want is a quick upgrade to electric toothbrushes. When it comes to buying an electric toothbrush, we must say that making a choice is quite difficult.

We set up this electric toothbrush website solely with the purpose of helping clueless but potential buyers with all the information they need for buying the right product. We don’t endorse any particular brand or model. You can find unbiased reviews of products electric toothbrush products on the site. We will try to show you how different brands and models of electric toothbrushes vary in features. Stay tuned for more.