Best battery powered toothbrush: Affordable and Electric Dental Hygiene

Battery powered toothbrush

What made battery powered toothbrushes so popular in the first place?

My research points toward two major reasons:

  1. They give superior cleaning compared to manual toothbrushes
  2. They are cheaper than battery rechargeable electric toothbrushes

So what exactly is a battery powered toothbrush? As it is evident from the name, it is a “powered” toothbrush. In this case, the power is derived from the cells. Yeah, it’s that simple.

Good battery powered toothbrushes work with rotation-oscillation movements. It generates a decent count of brush strokes that help you remove greater plaque than manual toothbrushes. Battery operated toothbrushes also care for your gum line.

These toothbrushes are compact and fit in your kit irrespective of the size of the baggage you have. That makes these toothbrushes perfect travel mates.

But even battery powered toothbrushes come with deficiencies of their own. In this article, I will tell you how to negotiate smartly through some standard deficiencies of cell powered toothbrushes. Plus, you would not want to miss out on the five most happening toothbrushes working on batteries. Here goes.

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Battery powered toothbrush comparison Chart

ImageName & BrandStrokesType
Battery Life2 minute timer
Philips Sonicare HX3631Philips Sonicare HX363115,000

90 (d)Yes
2"aa" 4-6(w)No
Waterpik Nano SonicWaterpik Nano Sonic16,000
1"aaa"3 (w)No
Oral-B Pro HealthOral-B Pro HealthN/A2"aa" 4 (w)Yes
Arm & Hammer Spin.BArm & Hammer Spin.B3700
2"aa" 2 (m)No

Our top 5 recommended battery powered toothbrush reviews

Philips Sonicare HX3631/06 Powerup Battery Toothbrush

Our impression

Philips Sonicare HX363106
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The Philips Sonicare HX3631/06 comes from a brand that you would not expect to disappoint. The dynamic and unique cleaning provided by the toothbrush does not disappoint at large. The impact on teeth cleaning and gum health is visible within a week or two.

The sweeping motion exhibited by the toothbrush is used to drive the fluid deep inside the cracks between teeth and places along the gumline where manual toothbrushes cannot reach. This is useful in gentle massage of the gum and in fighting plaque. The effect of the Philips Sonicare HX3631/06 on gums goes further from simple cleaning. The gentle massage causes better blood circulation as well.

There is a two-minute inbuilt timer inside the toothbrush which ensures who use the brush for the right duration of time.

The product also suits those who have been using manual toothbrushes all the while as the Power Up battery toothbrush imitates the motion of a manual toothbrush. You it’s time to get the head replaced when the blue bristles start fading away.

Best deals for Philips Sonicare HX3631/06


  • Mid-size bristles for better gum health.
  • Cavity reducing effect.
  • Cleaner, whiter teeth.
  • Sonic technology drives fluid deep within teeth.
  • 2-minute timer.
  • Bit too powerful for starters.
  • Short-lived batteries.
  • Not as fluent as the electronic versions.

Spinbrush Truly Radiant Toothbrush

Our impression

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The Spinbrush Truly Radiant Toothbrush makes an honest attempt to stick to the dental recommendation of two-minute brushing. The two-minute sensor of the brush ensures just that. The bristles of the toothbrush have been elongated to suit more people.

They are designed to enable users to gain access to even the most inaccessible places of the mouth. Compared to manual brushes, the Spinbrush Truly Radiant Toothbrush promises capability of removing up to twice the measure of the plaque. The real place where the brush comes to its own is when fighting plaque which is typically described as “difficult to reach.”

The head of the toothbrush is dual-action and it cares of the teeth and gums with equal ease. There are special bristles in the toothbrush which are designed to make teeth whiter in lesser time. In test, the product did manage to whiten teeth over a period of two weeks.

The design is not too typical of a powered brush and resembles the manual toothbrush in some ways.

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  • Bristles are long and help in access.
  • Capable of removing twice the plaque.
  • More effective on places which are difficult to reach.
  • The brush head is dual-action.
  • Delivers on white-teeth promise.
  • Not the ideal powered toothbrush.
  • Louder, bigger, heavier.
  • Can’t close mouth while brushing.

Waterpik Nano Sonic Toothbrush 

Our impression

Waterpik Nano Sonic Toothbrush
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Like most other dental hygiene products from Waterpik, the Waterpik Nano Sonic Toothbrush just about manages to keep the functionality simple despite including host of features. The list starts at the in-box batteries which are unfortunately missing in most battery powered toothbrushes.

The Waterpikcleaning method for this brush also deserves a special mention. The low-high pattern of the brush is able to clean the plaque from teeth better than any manual brush.

The Waterpik Nano Sonic Toothbrush also scores well when it comes to reach plaque that typically eludes toothbrush bristles. The power works up to 16, 000 strokes in a minute which strike as frequently as 133 Hz, making the product a fit for sonic toothbrush.

However, the company has refrained from using the phrase “sonic waves” in the product description. Like most other products from the company, this one too is for exclusive sale in North America only.

Best deal I found on the Waterpik Nano Sonic


  • 16, 000 strokes every minute.
  • Low-high gentle and thorough cleaning pattern.
  • Replaceable batteries included.
  • Made in America.
  • Proven better plaque removal.
  • Too small for large hands.
  • Confusingly quiet.
  • Too gentle for thorough cleaning.

Oral-B Pro-Health Precision Clean Battery Toothbrush

Our impression

Oral-B Pro-Health
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With the Oral-B Pro-Health Precision Clean Battery Toothbrush, you are almost bound to mistake it as a conventional electric toothbrush from Oral-B. The looks of the toothbrush definitely reminds you of the look of a general electronic toothbrush.

The battery performance of the toothbrush is far more consistent than most of its competitors. The rubberized and ergonomic handle also reminds us of the higher range in battery powered toothbrushes.

While the Oral-B Pro-Health Precision Clean Battery might appear to be a definitive breakaway from the manual-styled battery toothbrushes, it actually matches electric toothbrushes features for feature. You may choose something between deep sweep, floss action, precision clean, dual clean, gum care and pro-white.

The bristles are really soft on the gums and leave a pleasant, fresh impression on both gums and teeth. The standout feature continues to be the number of modes and additional features that have been added to the brush.

Check price >>Oral-B Pro-Health Precision Clean


  • Better battery performance throughout.
  • Ergonomic handle gives a batter grip.
  • Precision clean offers far better performance.
  • Ideally designed for travel.
  • Included battery loses power soon.
  • Does not handle pressure well.
  • Might stop mid-way.

Sprinbrush Pro Clean Battery Powered Toothbrush

Our impression

Hammer Sprinbrush
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The Arm & Hammer Sprinbrush Pro Clean is one of the best battery powered toothbrush by the sheer virtue of merit. There is dual action technology in the toothbrush.

The circular head features even oscillation which allows it to reach and polish between teeth. There are secondary bristles in the head which allow high-low motion to help scrub further and massage the teeth along the gumline.

Both the bristles work up to 3, 700 strokes in a minute, cleaning more effectively and deeply. For places inside the mouth where most other manual toothbrushes cannot do well, the Arm & Hammer Sprinbrush promises to remove about 70% more plaque in and out.

The dual action technique of the brush combines the best of spinning motion of the head along with the side-by-side and high-low mechanical motion. The ergonomic handle of the brush gives a far better control and grip to the user.

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  • Dual action technique ensures better cleaning.
  • Guarantees up to 3, 700 strokes ever minute.
  • Comes with additional heads for replacement.
  • 70% more plaque removal from difficult places.
  • Replacement head is more of a necessity.
  • One head typically lasts two weeks.

Benefits of using battery powered toothbrush !

  • Comparatively cheaper

This is a no-brainer.

The ones that run with electricity have an inbuilt motor that needs to be recharged intermittently.

The incorporation of that motor elevates charges significantly, sending these lower in the affordable electric toothbrush list.

In the absence of the motor, the battery powered toothbrush is a better faring device, that too at a lower cost. But it would still remain costlier than any manual toothbrush.

  • Remove more plaque than manual toothbrush

Powered toothbrushes are designed to exhibit movement patterns that are impossible to mimic on the manual ones.

This enables battery powered toothbrushes to run the full track as far as removal of plaque is concerned.

In typical cases, you can expect a battery powered device to remove up to 4x more plaque than their manual counterparts.

  • Provide thorough clean

Cleaning and flossing are two dental hygiene needs that should be addressed daily.

Manual toothbrushes, though impressive in their own rights, do not make bones about their inefficiency to clean teeth and mouth thoroughly.

This results in formation of plaque in shorter time durations.

Using a battery powered toothbrush could well be a permanent solution to ensure thorough cleaning every day.

  • Travel friendly

While this does not qualify as a stand-alone merit, it is important to take the travel friendly nature of the battery powered toothbrush into consideration.

Adding a machine inside a mechanical tool makes it gain weight, sensitivity and efficiency.

All happens at the same time and these could go against the making of a portable friendly toothbrush.

This is why it is important that the new, evolved device does not override any benefit of the simple tool.

And the battery powered toothbrush is pretty good at that.

  • Offers outstanding control and comfort

The more sensitive is device is engineered to become, it performs better on both control and comfort.

There are some issues that may still persist based on individual customer experience.

But on the whole, it can be safely said that the comfort and control are both improved when you graduate from a manual to a battery powered toothbrush.

  • Helps to minimize gingivitis

The manual toothbrushes can be hard on the gums and may lead to gingivitis when not used in control.

Since the pressure and timers in battery powered toothbrushes are generally preset, you will not face any such issue when using a battery powered toothbrush.

This significantly alleviates chances of gum swelling and other gum-related issues.

It’s time to decide.....

There are several options for you when choosing battery powered toothbrushes. But the Arm & Hammer Sprinbrush Pro Clean revels in being the best market option at this time.

It features  dual action technology, combining spin and crisscross, which gives it an edge over most of its competitors.

It is also capable of delivering better performance in plaque removal in the difficult areas.

Bottom line

A better dental hygiene routine is waiting for you. All you need to do is choose a good battery powered toothbrush that can deliver thorough performances.

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