Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids: Make Brushing a Fun Activity

As a parent, I can totally relate to your worry of finding a good toothbrush for your kid.

For the start, I did what every responsible parent would do – I read up everything there is to read on the internet. In the process, I did some deep analysis. Give me a minute and I will share my thought with you.

Let’s start at common ground – candies. Kids and candies are inseparable. More often than not, these candies get stuck in their teeth. This can promote growth of bacteria and gingivitis. Dental immunity in kids is too low to act against predator microbes. This may allow gum receding to start.

I do not know if it is a good idea to take kids to dentists at a very tender age. Trust me, quality brushing is the only possible and long-term solution to it.

75% kids do not like brushing teeth regularly. At that, regular brushing is not enough. They must also brush teeth properly. It is unfortunate that parents cannot always make the time to guide children while brushing.

How do we solve this problem? My research suggests the best partner for kids is a responsible electric toothbrush. Most kids use manual toothbrushes. For the most part, these do well too.

But an electric toothbrush is so much more fun. It’s also like a self-guided instrument that will take your child through the brushing session even before they realize it.

Electric toothbrushes come with extra-soft bristles for kids. There is a sensor for extra pressure and a 2-minute timer to make sure they brush for the dentist recommended time. In some models, there is included music too. Now that’s seriously great fun.

Needless to mention, modern kids are technology junkies. Once they get a hang of it, they will get addicted to daily tooth brushing.

To help you further, I made a custom comparison chart of some of the best electric toothbrushes in the market. Also read reviews on some amazing toothbrushes for kids.

Straight recommendation: Philips Sonicare Sonic Electric toothbrush, HX6311/07

Top 7 kids electric toothbrushes comparison chart

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Our top recommended 4 kid’s electric toothbrush reviews

# Philips Sonicare Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush for Kids, HX6311/07

Our impression

Philips Sonicare HX631107

Philips Sonicare is one of the most trusted dental brands in the industry and the company has always prided itself on the development and production of electric toothbrushes that focus on performance and innovation.

The company has now extended the range to include kids’ electric toothbrushes as well as this product is a testament to their dedication to the oral health of children. Not only does it boast of the Sonicare patented technology that has won the company numerous accolades, it also is powerful enough to remove close to 75% more germs and plaque than any other manual toothbrush.

The Kid Timer feature is a great addition to the electric toothbrush and it can be programmed for the purpose of raising the time of brushing for each day until you reach the recommended two minutes.

If you wish to add more fun to your child’s daily brushing routine, then you will be delighted with the new KidPacer function that can emit cute sounds while your kid completes their brushing routine.

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  • Inclusion of sonic technology for thorough cleaning.
  • Two separate brush speeds for more control.
  • Comes with a 2 minute timer.
  • Battery can be recharged.
  • Cost of replacement brush heads is quite high.
  • Vibration might sometimes be too much.

# Philips Sonicare HX6311/02 Sonicare for Kids Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare HX631102

Our impression

Philips Sonicare has always been a name to reckon with in the dental health industry and the company has now launched a special line of electric toothbrushes to cater to the needs of children.

The first thing you notice when you check out this colorful brush is the inclusion of separate kid friendly power modes. Based on the age of the user, you can easily change the power output so that your child does not feel any sort of discomfort or pressure during brushing. One setting is ideal for kids aged between 4 and 7 years while another is perfect for children who are between the ages of 7 and 10 years.

The company was thoughtful enough to include a quadrapace timer in the toothbrush which plays a soothing musical sound at intervals of 30 seconds so that your child understands when he/she has to move to another section of the mouth.

The brush heads are interchangeable and the unique shape of the base means that it can help your kid reach difficult areas of the mouth.

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  • Interchangeable brush heads.
  • Quadrapace timer ensures that all parts of the mouth get cleaned properly.
  • Kid friendly power modes help toggle brushing power output.
  • Charger for the toothbrush is two-piece and quite bulky.
  • Length of toothbrush is not very large.

# Oral-B Frozen Kids Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

Our impression

Oral-B Frozen

If you wish your kids to get clean and healthy teeth then you should definitely invest in a good electric toothbrush like this innovative model from brand Oral-B.

This product boasts of a waterproof handle that might help your kids get a firm grip on the handle during brushing and it also comes packaged with unique toothbrush heads that have been specially designed to provide a more subtle yet efficient brushing experience.

The brush is comfortable enough to use for a period of 2 minutes which is the recommended time set by dentists for a user to clean their mouth thoroughly. This item is complete rechargeable and is compatible with the Disney Magic Timer App which encourages your children to brush for longer durations so that they get clean teeth and healthy gums without any difficulty.

This brush is perfect if you wish to make the whole brushing experience a lot more fun for your children and inculcate in them a good dental hygiene routine.

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  • Two changeable toothbrush heads included with the product.
  • Gentle and soft brushing experience.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • No risk of overcharging.
  • In-built timer of 2 minutes.
  • Charge does not last very long.
  • No replaceable parts in toothbrush.

# Oral-B Stages Power Brush for Kids

Our impression

Oral-B Stages Power Brush for Kids (Pack of 6

Oral-B is a beloved toothbrush brand and the company never disappoints when it comes to developing unique brushes that cater to the needs of the consumers.

The brand has now focused on kids and this new model is meant for children who find brushing tedious. It is a colorful and fun electric toothbrush that is totally rechargeable and features one of the most beloved characters in the Disney pantheon to hold the attention of your children.

The brush head produces a sort of oscillating motion that is bound to help the inside of your kid’s mouth achieve a thorough cleaning in comparison to a regular toothbrush.

The brush comes with super soft bristles that allow the kid to achieve a clean mouth and the design of this electric toothbrush is perfect for children, allowing them to experience comfortable brushing on a regular basis. Battery can last for a period of almost 5 days on one charge.

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  • Rechargeable battery can go 5 days on a single charge.
  • Capable of removing more plaque compared to manual brushes.
  • Replaceable toothbrush heads with well-known Disney characters.
  • Extra soft bristles.
  • Price of the toothbrush is rather expensive.
  • Size of brush might be a bit small.

Why electric toothbrush is the best choice for kids?

  • Make brushing a fun task

Kids might find the activity of brushing rather intimidating at the beginning since the rigorous vibrations of an electric toothbrush might cause some discomfort in their mouth.

So, it is your responsibility as a parent to make the experience a lot more fun in order to pique the interest of the children.

You should try and pick out an electric toothbrush that comes with graphics and designs of their favorite cartoons.

  • Recommended 2 minutes Kid-Timer

Dentists always prescribe brushing for 2 minutes in order to actually clean the interior of your mouth.

Kids do not always have the patience to do so and they might also not be mature enough to gauge just how long the duration of 2 minutes might be.

This is the reason why you should get an electric toothbrush that comes with a built-in kid timer which will alert them as soon as they have brushed for 2 minutes.

  • Kid friendly power modes

Some electric toothbrushes come with unique kid friendly power modes which mean that they are able to control the intensity of the brushing and therefore, enjoy a more personalized experience.

You can change the modes depending upon the requirements of your kids or let them do it themselves but it is important that they understand what each mode does.

  • Extra soft brush head

Every child has delicate body parts and the interior of their mouth is extremely sensitive.

This is the reason why electric toothbrushes meant for adults is a complete no-no for them since the strong vibrations might actually cause more harm than good.

This is the reason why specially designed kids’ electric toothbrushes often boast of extra soft brush heads so that the children can experience brushing in a comfortable manner.

  • Reduce parents’ hassles

Electric toothbrushes are a lot easier to handle than normal toothbrushes and children will find it a great deal simpler to learn about the use of these products.

They will not face any sort of difficulties while brushing and they will be able to achieve a clean mouth and healthy teeth and gums on a regular basis.

  • Ergonomic design

You should always pick out an electric toothbrush for your child that boasts of an ergonomic design and a good grip since your child should not be inconvenienced when they brush for an extended period of time.

They should have good control over the handle and be able to reach all corners of the mouth with minimal effort.

It’s time to decide.....

There are plenty of brands available in the market that focus on producing electric toothbrushes for kids but you need to exercise caution and pick only the best ones among them.

If you consider all the factors that constitute a good electric toothbrush for children, then you will find that the Sonicare Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush for Kids, HX6311/07 from Philips meet all the criteria such as sensitivity, softness, comfort and fun.

Bottom line

You should be careful to choose only the best electric toothbrush for your kids not just for value of money but to promote proper dental hygiene.

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