Best Mouthwash Dispensers: Pour Out Freshness

A mouthwash is the best guarantee for fresh breath.

But it’s quite a misfortune good mouthwashes do not come with cool mouthwash dispensers.

Who does not want to see their bathroom spaces look prim always? A great looking mouthwash dispenser will do just that – inviting second and third glances from guests. So why not get a great quality mouthwash dispenser and place it on your fine shelf?

When they are slightly on the more expensive side of the scale, mouthwash dispensers are also called mouthwash decanters (mostly to sound fancy). Either way, you will need to consider quite a few things when using a good dispenser:

  1. The material used to make the dispenser
  2. The volume of liquid that the decanter holds
  3. Its user-friendliness

In this article, I will cover all these aspects and briefly discuss the types of mouthwash dispensers. For one, the decanter should be able to hold a decent volume of liquid in it. Plus, it should be easy for the kids to use.

In this article, we objectively address each of these hiccups in buying a decent mouthwash dispenser. I also give you the reviews of the five best products in the market that I have personally tested. Ready friends?

Straight recommendation: Perfect Measure Mouthwash Dispenser

Our top 5 recommended mouthwash dispenser reviews

# The Perfect Measure Mouthwash Dispenser Lead-Free Crystal with Chrome Pump

Our impression

The Perfect Measure

The Perfect Measure mouthwash dispenser essentially comes in two variants – single pump and two pumps. The single pump model has an easy pump-style palm action dispenser.

It can facilitate minimum dispersion of a drop and you may take it up to two ounces.The bottle can hold for you 32 ounces of mouthwash.

The decanter is free from lead and made of crystal. The word “mouthwash” has been artistically engraved on its surface.The Perfect Measure decanter can be a remarkable addition to the countertop of your bathroom.It has the capacity to eliminate waste, drips and spills from the counter top.

You may ideally use the bottle for both residential and commercial establishments.Since the material used to make the pump is crystal, there is no case of any contamination from storage or other factors.The pump does not have a cup. You will need to buy one externally if needed.

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  • Crystal-made body.
  • 32 ounces.
  • Comes in single and double pump variants.
  • Commercial and residential use.
  • “Mouthwash” engraving on the body.
  • One drop to 2 ounces dispensation.
  • Does not include a cup.
  • Slightly over-priced product.
  • Guests may find some difficult.

# OXO Good Grips Pump Mouthwash Dispenser

Our impression


The Good Grips mouthwash dispenser from OXO looks more like a child water bottle at the outset.So it has that surprise quotient that you would like to show off to your guests.

It is available in most handily stores and does a fine job of measuring and dispensing your preferred mouthwash with ease and élan.

The dispensation is done with a sliding motion.The valve of the mouthwash prevents it from sliding back into the bottle once it is out.You can twist and open the cap of the dispenser whenever there is a need to refill it. This way you may also easily clean the bottle.

However, there is a small nuance to note here. Since this is not a crystal bottle, occasional cleaning does apply.You can use a mild detergent solution to clean the bottle.The materials include plastic and brush nickel. Do your research on what detergent would suit these materials.

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  • Dispenses with easy action.
  • Easy to pour out and refill.
  • Dispenses with a sliding angle.
  • Valve prevents re-entry of mouthwash.
  • Not the kind of “seal” you want.
  • Dispensing action not better than pumps.

# Mouthwash Dispenser Mini (White) 

Our impression

Mouthwash Dispenser

The Mini Mouthwash Dispenser has been developed specially for use in commercial establishments.It can be used with great success in places like restaurants and office complexes.

There is no risk of people trying to tamper with the liquid inside the bottle.On the flip side, people also have the comfort of knowing that the cups have been kept in a safe place free from any form of tampering.

Since it comes with a wall-mount, it saves you on space and alleviates cleaning time.The ingredients of the mouthwash inside the dispenser include glycerin, water, polysorbate, sodium saccharin, Blue 1 and citric acid.

While the company gives you a warranty on the individual components of the dispenser, they are not ready to replace parts of there is any lax in installation. After the included mouthwash is over, you may just use any mouthwash of your choice. If it is a dentist clinic, you may consider filling it with one of the best mouthwashes for braces.

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  • Comes with a wall-mount to save space.
  • Includes mouthwash.
  • The liquid may be replaced later.
  • Easy action for dispensation.
  • Good customer support on repairs.
  • Button action would have been preferable.
  • Not the best aesthetics for businesses.

# Crystal Clear Mouthwash Bottle

Our impression

Crystal Clear

The Crystal Clear bottle of mouthwash is made of pure crystal and stores up to 4 ounces of liquid. It is 7.5 inches tall and for a first, makes mouthwash bottles look sexy. You will not take much time to fall I love with the bottle.

It is the best one we have seen in a really long time. However, there is no pump or button in the bottle. You will have to pour it out like you pour our wine.

While the Crystal Clear decanter is great on aesthetics, you will note that the can store only 4 ounces of liquid. So it can become a smaller decanter for an already existing large bottle. That way, it will be a perfect fit for your guest bathroom.

But the bottle could result in a lot of wastage if you allow your children to use. This is simply not the best mouthwash dispenser for children.

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  • Made of crystal throughout.
  • Marvelous aesthetic appeal.
  • Holds 4 ounces for shorter use.
  • Great for luxury hotels and guest bathrooms.
  • Open cap may attract germs.
  • Not suited for use by children.
  • Holds little quantity.

#Mouthwash Dispenser Starter Kit (Black) - For Got Fresh Breath Alcohol-free Mouthwash

Our impression

Mouthwash Dispenser Starter KitIf you have used GotFreshBreath mouthwash already, you will probably know that the mouthwash comes in a much larger canister too. This is where the mouthwash dispenser kit for the device steps in.

The package includes 6 bottles of mouthwash, 720 cups, and a mouthwash dispenser. The dispenser is more like a water cooler and holds several cups on the right.

The mouthwash is inserted inside the black chamber of the dispenser and you will not be able to see the bottle of mouthwash. It is also important to note that the GotFreshBreath mouthwash dispenser is highly suited for commercial establishments like hospitals and schools.

Since the cup holds a limited measure of liquid, there is no question of wastage either. But you may have to keep a close watch to ensure that it pans out in the same way. The same model is also available white color. You choose one that suits the theme.

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  • Large enough for commercial use.
  • Holds 720 cups and includes 6 bottles.
  • Mouthwash bottle cannot be seen from the outside.
  • Limited dispensation per cup.
  • Not exactly suited for residential use.
  • Could have been more industry-friendly.

Types of mouthwash dispenser!

  • Glass mouthwash dispensers

Glass-made mouthwash dispensers are a grade lower than crystal mouthwash dispensers. Manufacturers often tend to pass these off as crystal dispensers, so you should be careful there.

But the quality on glass mouthwash dispensers is not bad either. These are better than most plastic and ceramic dispensers. There are very low chances of the mouthwash reacting with the decanter material.

  • Crystal mouthwash dispensers

These are the best mouthwash dispensers if you are looking for something that is expensive and suited for a kid-free environment.

These dispensers are more beautiful than glass dispensers and actually have the best aesthetics of the lot. Also, you may rest sure the material will never react with the liquid inside.

  • Plastic mouthwash dispenser

These are highly suited for commercial applications in places like hospitals and schools where you do not expect friendly use. Also, since the mouthwash is often refilled in these places, you do not run the risk of reaction.

You should not consider these mouthwashes for home use, though. The aesthetics, while tacky are not a match for glass and crystal mouthwash dispensers.

  • Ceramic mouthwash dispenser

These are best suited for home environments since the decanters are very kid friendly. Most of these decanters have a lock valve feature that allows you to lock the dispenser.

Some models replicate water-bottles that kids are used to. However, you will most probably miss out on the pump action with these decanters.But that is made up with the easy pouring action and a stop/lock valve.

What characteristic will you look for when buying a mouthwash dispenser?

  • How comfortable is the pump action?

Most mouthwash decanters dispense liquid with a pump action. You may dial the pump with a couple of fingers or the palm.

Some dispenser pumps are intentionally heavy so children do not waste liquid. But you should ideally go for easy pump action that even your guests can use without difficulty.

  • Choosing the right type

There are quite a few types in mouthwash dispenser: glass, crystal, plastic and ceramic. While the crystal decanters are known to be the most aesthetically pleasing, the plastic ones are safest for rigorous use.

You would not want to use an expensive crystal mouthwash decanter if you have kids in the house.

  • Residential and commercial application

For mouthwash dispensers, a primary consideration you need to make is the place where it will be used.

The utility changes with residential and commercial applications and you should be looking for different feature-sets for each. Commercial use dispensers need to be of stronger build and should support a lot of liquid. Some also come with tap-and-cup mechanisms.

  • How kid-friendly is it?

This is an important question if you have kids in the house.Like we mentioned, you would not want to go for an expensive crystal decanter for kids. The plastic and ceramic models with an easy pump action should be the priority.

  • How much liquid does it hold?

This is a typical consideration that you need to make when shopping mouthwash decanters. The crystal decanters generally hold 4 ounces of liquid. This will not be enough unless the decanter is meant for guest bathrooms.

The plastic and ceramic dispensers hold a lot more and are more suited for daily use.

What makes the Perfect Measure Mouthwash Dispenser Lead-Free Crystal with Chrome Pump a better choice than the rest?

The Perfect Measureis a good choice for a mouthwash dispenser over the rest of its competitors due to a few simple reasons – for a first, it suits for residential and commercial use.

The bottle is made out of crystal and includes a pump action. This combination is difficult to find. And as a bonus, you get “mouthwash” engraved on the bottle. The kids know where it is instantly.

Bottom line

A mouthwash dispenser is as important as a mouthwash, only when you brood over it. Now is the time for that. Go ahead!

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