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Oral Irrigator

Do you feel microbes between the teeth are taking peace away from your life?

I strongly believe the best oral irrigator will give you renewed hope. Let’s get started on that note.

An oral irrigator is a device that propels jets of water at high pressures. This cleans most germs and microbes hiding between your teeth. It is pretty obvious that some food crumbs will stick between your teeth after every meal.

The job of the oral irrigator is to remove these food particles before they start decaying and deal damage to your oral health.

It is very easy to operate oral irrigators. The device can propel water streams to clean your teeth easily and quite effectively. The ergonomically designed handle and pointed nozzle of oral irrigators help the jet reach every corner of your mouth. The angular shape of the nozzle makes sure it is done easily.

You will be happy to know that oral irrigators are capable of removing up to 99% more plaque if you use it twice in a day. The quick speed of oral irrigators adds to the convenience. For the most part, all you need is a 60-second blast to clean your teeth.

Different manufacturers have rolled out many models of oral irrigators in the market. But finding the best among them is not easy in any manner. To counter that, here is a comprehensive buying guide and reviews of my top 5 oral irrigators in the market.

Straight recommendation: Updated Version of the Professional Irrigator

Top 5 recommended oral irrigator reviews

# Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator

Our impression

Professional Irrigator

The new rechargeable oral irrigator from ToiletTree Products is actually an upgrade of an older version. The new model comes with lithium ion batteries, a quiet motor and a tank that is easy to fill.

Normal, pulse and soft are the three operating modes that you get on the device. The tips are interchangeable and color-coded, so you can share it with a partner. The reservoir is large enough for all practical purposes.

But it’s not so large that you would find it clumsy. The Toilet free oral irrigator is inexpensive and comes with great customer service reputation. You will like how well the unit has been constructed.

The quality of service provided by the manufacturer makes it even better for customers. Both finish and fit of the components appeal dearly to the eye. You can recharge it from any source of USB power. This also makes it an excellent irrigator for travel.

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  • Convenient USB charging.
  • Very well constructed.
  • Proper finish and fit of components.
  • Dual voltage plug.
  • Two weeks of performance on every charge.
  • Loads of power.
  • Performance issues after a year.
  • Weak charging system.

# Poseidon Inductive Rechargeable Oral Irrigator

Our impression

Poseidon Irrigator

The Poseidon inductive oral irrigator comes with a charging cradle made by ToiletTree Products. The charging cradle is crucial to the performance of the device. All you need to do is have the irrigator sit on the stand that is included and it will keep the device charged.

The power cord is universal voltage and you may take the device even when you go abroad. The batteries are powered with lithium-ion and ensure that the irrigator delivers longer performance.

It also helps the general longevity of your irrigator. There are three well-working modes in the irrigator: pulse, soft and normal. You can make use of these modes as you like it.

You may share it with another user since there are two interchangeable tips which are differently colored. However, we would have liked it better if the irrigator came with a travel case. For more freshness, you can use a mild mouthwash too.

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  • Comes with a charging cradle.
  • Very powerful battery.
  • Takes care of flossing too.
  • Healthy power on the jet stream.
  • Nicely built unit.
  • On button gets pressed to easily.
  • Reservoir capacity too low.
  • Not ideal for beginners.

# Top rated Water Flosser - FDA APPROVED - Cordless Rechargeable Oral Irrigator

Our impression

Cordless Oral Irrigator

The simple way this oral irrigator operates is by the help of a jet stream – the jet stream cleans the spaces between the teeth and also takes out plaque from areas in your mouth which are consisdred hard to clean.

It employs a 3D cleaning mechanism which follows oscillation, rotation and pulsation for cleaning. This mechanism helps the irrigator break up the plaque with greater ease than a manual toothbrush, leaving you with a healthy smile.

The device basically works with a combination of pulsations and water pressure. Since the nozzle has a 360° rotation angle, it cleans deep between teeth and beneath the gum line. Now these are typically the places where regular flossing cannot reach.

It charges with USB and you can even charge it with your laptop. But that will not be needed as it comes with a charging wire and a USB adapter. Charge it once and it lasts for about two weeks.

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  • Runs two weeks on a single charge.
  • Combines pulsations and water pressure.
  • Safe use with no electricity or battery.
  • USB charging; comes with USB wire.
  • 360 tip can make it move too much.
  • Very small reservoir.
  • Unknown manufacturer.

# ShowerBreeze Water Jet Dental Irrigator w/ lifetime warranty

Our impression


If you are someone who thinks and buys American products, the Water Jet from ShowerBreeze is a product you will like. It is a simple oral irrigator that does the best of jobs for you – its stops bleeding gums, prevents periodontitis and also prevents gingivitis.

You do not face a risk of bacterial growth with the ShowerBreeze and there is no additional debris that you will have to clean later. While the appearance might be plastic, it is actually made of chrome glass.

Since this is a shower-based device, the basic concern for many will be the usefulness of it. In this regard, the device actually measures up to the expectations pretty well.

While the cords could give you a certain degree of discomfort, they really do not hurt much. At times, the hose can be undone if the pressure is too high on it. But apart from that, there is really not much complaint about it.

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  • Steady operation; fresh feel.
  • Firmly connected hose; doesn’t lose out.
  • Generous hose length favors mobile use.
  • Pressure is sufficient for most.
  • Pressure not really high.
  • Not enough nozzles.
  • Lack of dedicated tongue cleaner.

# Nicefeel® Oral Irrigator Water Flosser UV Sanitizer

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The Nicefeel® irrigator comes with a UV sanitizer – a feature you do not generally find in the oral irrigation category. The UV san kills almost all microbial growth inside the mouth. It also spares you from the trouble of cleaning tips all the while.

It works on pulsations of water pressure. The water pressure can be adjusted as and when you like it. You can easily remove food crumbs, microbes and plaque that stick between teeth and below gumline with this Nicefeel® irrigator.

The Nicefeel® irrigator is also a total family product with a 1000 ml reservoir. The lid is covered and there are five different kinds of tips that take care of varied needs.

The rotatable nozzle has an adjustable angle which you can leverage to clean every area inside your mouth. You can use the pause button that can be used to stop the flow temporarily at any time during the exercise.

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  • Lots of tank capacity.
  • Simple and intuitive manual.
  • Great water pressure function.
  • Good suction cups at the bottom.
  • UV cleaner brings greater efficiency.
  • Low build quality.
  • Pause button does not stop the pumping action. 

What is an oral irrigator?

An oral irrigator is also referred to as a gingival water jet.

It is a simple homecare device that is used to remove food crumb, plaque and other debris between pairs of teeth and below the gumline.

It is also responsible for taking care of the overall health of gums.

Some even use oral irrigators for non-dental uses like cleaning jewelry.

It also has the capability to prevent canker sores.

What’s the main difference between irrigator and flosser?

The one major difference between oral irrigators and flossers is in the concentration of function.

The oral irrigator is a device that is chiefly focused on removing plaque and food crumbs in addition to improving gum health.

On the other hand, a flosser can have a more diverse set of uses.

There are several different tips in flossers that help in general daily flossing.

Along with that a top rated flosser may also include different modes like cleaning, whitening, polishing and gum care.

What characteristic you’ll look when buying an irrigator?

  • Extended battery life

For electric products that have to be used near or inside the bathroom, you must ensure decent battery life.

An oral irrigator with a below average battery performance could stop midway during the session, creating additional problems.

Go for the ones that offer between 45 minutes and an hour’s of performance on full charge.

  • Ease of use

Oral irrigators that do not make easy devices are not much good.

You should look for ones that offer very comfortable mechanisms of using.

Good oral irrigators carry a very simple mechanism even if they are laced with features from front to back.

  • How well it fights against plaque and gingivitis?

The performance of the oral irrigator against gingivitis and plaque is crucial.

In a way, these are the two chief operations of the device.

You should look very carefully into how well it handles these two on a sustained basis.

Models that combine technologies usually fare better.

  • Is it friendly with braces?

Many of us wear braces. The efficacy of an oral irrigator cannot be discussed in exclusion of performance with braces.

Oral irrigators that perform well on braces are considered more effective even if you are not wearing braces.

That is because they are so much more centered on nuances.

  • Does it come with different modes?

For oral irrigators that come with seventeen different modes, you might end up using just three.

So instead of falling fir the number, see if the modes present in the device are actionable.

If that is the case, a three-mode irrigator is a better choice.

  • Cost effectiveness

Everything that we have discussed so far – each feature, different modes, performance on braces, battery life and ease of use, are triggered on the value you receive for your money.

Look out for what you pay and what you receive. Bundle this factor down at last.

What makes Updated Version - Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigatorbetter choice than the rest?

The Updated Version of the Professional Irrigatoris one of the best oral irrigators around because of some specific biases.

It offers real convenient charging with the USB.

The construction is better than any we have reviewed.

The device also has great finish of the parts.

The plug is dual voltage, making it very different from the others.

The power [on the device is better than any we have seen so far.

To top it all, the battery lasts for two weeks.

Bottom line

Learn to read between lines even when reading review specs. The gumline is one such line that oral irrigators depend on. You make an independent choice.


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