Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush review

With Sonicare stepping up the pace with new models in the 3rd quarter of the year, it was only a matter of time before Oral-B responded.

The Pro-8000 comes from a new Oral-B series that has almost every time going for it – better results, enhanced performances and the best of all heightened technology.

While the nifty new technological renditions mark the arrival of the Pro 8000, you would like to read a little more on what clicks and what misses for the toothbrush.

Read on to know whether the Pro 8000 deserves your investment and what you extract from it if you do eventually buy it.


BrandBraun Oral B
Brushing technologyPressure sensor
Position Detection Tech.Yes
Modes6 Level
Pro TimerYes 2 min
Pressure IndicatorYes
Smart RingYes.(360 degree)
Battery typeLithium Ion
Running time12 days
Smart travel caseYes
Money Back Garranty60 days

Our impression

The Pro-8000 from Oral-B really leaves you in a fix with its set of features – where do you start and where really do you end? Is the Pro-8000 really the next step in the Oral-B evolution? Let’s try and sum this up.

The first bang the Pro-8000 makes in the electric brushing universe is called the Position Detection Technology. The function is simple – it just keeps a track of areas where you have brushed.

The positive about this new tech is that you never miss a corner, even if you want to.

The round head used by Oral-B in Pro-8000 is sure to make it an instant favorite among dentists. With adjacent pulsations and rotations, it is capable of removing up to twice the measure of plaque.

One piece of technology used by Oral-B in the Pro-8000 really has us thinking all the angles of the game – the pressure sensor technology. It does not only detect any extra pressure you exert on the gums, it also slows down the brush speed automatically to prevent any accidental impact.

Now that we are through with the summary of features, let us try and deliberate on the individual features and some intricacies of the Pro-8000.

For one, the Position Detection tech comes across as more than just “know-where-you-are”. It also allows you to seek unexplored places in the mouth and adjust the brush into the squeeze accordingly.

Oral-B pro 8000
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There is a built-in 2-minute timer that allows you to brush just for the right amount of time, giving ample time to each zone of the mouth before the brush-time is up.

The 360° smart ring is another of those surprise features that really have you hooked to the brush when discussing the feature list. While brushing, this ring is visible from every possible angle.

With some help from the SmartRing, you can also locate the actual feedback from the pressure sensor, Bluetooth connection and pressure sensor with considerable ease.

Just to add that little bit of tackiness to it, you can choose between one of 12 colors to light up the Smart Ring. You can make use of this coloring arrangement to develop personalized brushing programs too.

Another good thing about the SmartRing is its uniqueness. As of now, no other model from Oral-B gets the illuminated collar. This means you will have some serious bragging rights for at least some time.

The Bluetooth connectivity in the Pro-8000 powered by Braun tops it all, and by some distance. It instantly connects you to an interactive app installed on your phone.

On the Oral-B app, you will receive personalized guidance while brushing. As you face some difficulty during your dental care route, you can have the brushing program on the app adjusted by your dentist.

All you will need to do is download the Bluetooth app for Oral-B and receive real-time feedback right when you are brushing. This does not only improve brushing habits, but also gives you more control over it.

The limited problem with the Bluetooth app is for people who are not tech-savvy. They can get a little worried about the efficiency of app or its mode of use in the first place.

The round replacement head of the Pro-8000 might not be the best in class. But it definitely has enough rotation, pulsation and oscillatory combination that are enough to beat almost any model out there.

The pulsations come really handy when you are looking to break some good ol’ plaque. The round head of the Pro-8000 breaks more plaque than any manual brush head out there. It also has enough agility to seek and reach the most difficult areas of your mouth.

The 16° standard angle by Oral-B helps the pro-8000 remove maximum plaque from pockets with each stroke.

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  • 16° brushing angle for better plaque removal.
  • Helps maintain gum health.
  • Extra-long running battery.
  • Position Detection technology.
  • Seeks places that need deeper cleaning.
  • Comes with an innovative app.
  • Surround-tooth mechanism of bristle cleaning.
  • Brush head only average compared to other features.
  • Buttons are on the clunky side.
  • Body seems fragile compared to Sonicare Diamond Clean.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Oral-B 8000

  • Can the Pro-8000 be used outside of the USA?

Yes, the plug supports a range between 100 and 240V for 50-60 Hz. All that is needed is an adaptor.

  • Is there an auto-shut feature after 2 minutes?

No, there is a simple quad pacer that beeps every 30 seconds. You will have you time your 2 minutes appropriately.

  • How many brushes does the unit hold?

The charger base can hold up to 4 brushes.

  • Is a travel head included with the unit?

Yes, there is a travel head included in the package. The travel case also includes a charging cord.

  • How many extra brush heads come with the unit?

You get three different types of heads with the Pro-8000.

Wrap up

Honestly, we though the head of the Pro-8000 was slightly loose in comparison to the set of features that this brush comes with. Apart from that, the Pro-8000 delivers on all four quarters – performance, sensitivity, longevity and customization.

The addition of new features like the Position Detection tech and the customizable SmartRing add some extra oomph to it. And we are super impressed with the marathon battery of Pro-8000.


The Pro-8000 is the leading Oral-B with tons of innovation and technology. Do yourself a favor and get one home.

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