Philips Sonicare Plaque Control Plus Rechargeable Toothbrush HX6254/81 review

We all know how effective plaque control can become with the use of a feature-loaded electric toothbrush. But somehow, the transition from a manual brush to an electric toothbrush never seems to come easy.

There are a load of factors that need to be evaluated and deliberated upon. On that note, let us introduce to you the new Sonicare HX6254/81 from Philips.

It comes across as a great electric toothbrush with an Easy Start program for beginners.

How easy does that make things for you?

Here is a detailed account of that and a few other things.

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Our impression

The HX6254/81 Philips Sonicare makes no bones about its purpose – it is a thorough plaque removal device.

It comes with a single mode and has four extra brush heads.

The brush also promises you a tough protection from cavities.You can easily counter cavities by just brushing twice daily with this brush.

Compared to a manual toothbrush, the HX6254/81 can remove 6x more plaque.

This guarantees you the superior clean that you always wanted from electric toothbrushes.

This action gives you better cleaning that manual toothbrushes and keeps the mouth clean for longer.

This is one straight reason you should upgrade your manual toothbrush now.

The Sonicare HX6254/81 comes with a dynamic fluid action that is implemental in taking fluid deep between the teeth in very less time.

This makes sure the cleaning you receive is both gentle and thorough. The HX6254/81 is also safe to use in veneers, orthodontics or any other orthodontics that you might use.

The Sonicare HX6254/81 is in our view one of the few genuine electric toothbrushes for braces.

You can just use these brushes on braces without any worry whatsoever.

The brush head has been slightly angled so that you find the difficult areas of the mouth more easily.

The Sonicare HX6254/81 really comes to its own when you are looking for something that reaches difficult areas of the mouth with distinct ease.

The neck of the brush plays a great role here.

It is slim and is built at an angle that you may grip very easily.

This allows you to easily maneuver the brush around various areas of the mouth pretty easily.

The angle of the neck is also in sync with the slanted bristles of the Sonicare HX6254/81. Together, the neck and bristles make it very easy for you to guide the brush deep inside the teeth and below the gumline.

Philips Sonicare

It is understandable if you have some difficulty moving from a manual toothbrush to an electric one. Most new users find it very difficult to adjust with the increased pressure upfront.

However, that is not the case with the Sonicare HX6254/81. The Easy Start Program allows you to settle with the speed of the brush at your own speed.

This EasyStart feature automatically adjusts the power of the toothbrush over the initial two weeks of use.

During this period, the power of the brush starts surging up gradually.

By the end of 14 days, you will notice that you do not have a problem with the increased pressure.

The smarttimer included in the brush allows you to brush for the recommended two minutes of brushing time.

These two minutes can be neatly divided among the four quadrants of the mouth so that you can clean the entire mouth evenly.

The quad-pacer beeps once every 30 seconds so you know it is time to switch to another corner of the mouth.

This might seem like a passé set of features to many.

But these two features actually work very well to clean the mouth around all places and make sure that you have a thorough well-cleaned mouth overall.

The Sonicare HX6254/81 comes with 2 handles and four brush heads. Both handles are 2 Series Plaque Control handles by Sonicare.

Twobrush heads are DiamondClean Standard and the other two are ProResults plaque control handle that give you thorough cleaning either way.

There are also two chargers and two travel cases that come included with the charger. All this really falls into proportion when you consider that this brush delivers 31,000 strokes every working minute.

The handle has been designed in a very slim and ergonomic fashion.

There is a special battery indicator that tells you when the battery needs to be charged again.

  • Exceptional everyday cleaning.
  • Comes with two 2 Series handles.
  • 2 ProResults and 2 DiamondCleanbrush heads.
  • Comes with two chargers.
  • Pack includes two travel cases.
  • Easy click-on head replacement.
  • 14-day EasyStart program.
  • Very loud operation noises.
  • Some misses compared to battery operated models.
  • Some sellers selling different models.
  • Lesser plaque removal than other Sonicare brushes.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Philips Sonicare HX6254/81

  • Is there a UV Sanitizer charger inside the box?

No, there is no UV Sanitizer charger inside this box. The Series 2 Plaque Control does not have any such charger included with the pack.

  • Is this model equipped with quad paced timing?

Yes, there is an in-built Quad Pacer that beeps once in every 30 seconds to help you clean all four quadrants of the mouth.

  • What are some recommended replacement heads for this brush?

Any replacement head from Philips will work for this brush. It comes with 2 ProResults and 2 DiamondClean replacement heads already.You may buy any Philips head additionally.

Wrap up

The Sonicare HX6254/81 emerges as a clear winner and quite a head turner with a bucketful of impressive features. It offers cheap and exceptional everyday cleaning and includes 4 brush heads in the pack.

Replacing the heads is really easy and you just need to click them in or out. The 14-day Easy Start program allows you to switch seamlessly from manual toothbrushes into the Sonicare HX6254/81. On the whole, it is a win for all.


The Sonicare HX6254/81 looks like a complete package of an electric toothbrush, even when it misses out a few blows on other products from the Sonicare Series.

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