Philips Sonicare 3 Series Gum Health Sonic Electric Toothbrush, HX6631/30 review

Sensitive teeth and gum need more than manual brushing – they need custom plaque removal and sensitive care.

The Series 3 Sonicare promises to do both for you.

It is purportedly one of the best toothbrushes for sensitive care released by Philips so far.

It combines several features and brings adds some new attributes to the set.

The straight question is – how successful is it on regular and long-term use.

There are actually quite a few answers that you will finds to this question. Most of them are in our detailed review. Read on to find out more.

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BrandPhilips Sonicare
Product dimension1.7 x 1.7 x 7.3 inches
Weight8 ounce
strokes per min31,000 strokes
Brushing modes1 mode (3 intensity settings)
ColorWhite with
Head includes1
Battery typeLithium ION
Running timeupto 3 weeks
Warranty2 year limited

Our impression

The 3 Series Sonicare is among the leading performers for Philips in the electric toothbrush segment.

It has been around for quite a while now and we have put it under rigorous tests over the past few months.

As we go ahead with this review remind you of the features that make the 3 Series a great electric toothbrush.

In the process, we also tell you more on how the individual features hold up after a few months of use.

For a start, the 3 Series Sonicare promises 100% better health for the gums if you are still using a manual toothbrush.

The promise of better gums is further substantiated with the ProResults gum care head of the brush.

It is also a deadly weapon against plaque settled below the gumline.

Compared to your standard manual toothbrush, it removes up to 6 times more plaque settled below the gumline.

We will talk about this in detail in a while.

Meanwhile, the 3 Series Sonicare allows you to choose between three different intensity settings.

You can choose between low, medium and high speeds, depending on the type of action you are looking for.

The effect is compounded with the patented sonic mechanism of the Sonicare series, which gives you up to 31, toothbrush strokes every minute.

There is a battery charge indicating panel that lights up in two different colors.

The battery is above decent and it easily lasts you close to three weeks, which is on par with the very best electric toothbrushes.

You may easily consider leaving the charger behind even for longer holidays.

However, the battery compartment is slightly weak and you should not look to open it unnecessarily.

It suffers enough normal wear. Consider opening it only when a change in battery is required.

Sonicare 3 Series

Now the 3 Series is a serious machine as far as caring and cleaning of the gum goes.

The gum health goes up by 100% compared to a manual toothbrush and it remains that way well into the sixth month of use.

If you have suffered from issues like swollen gums, bleeding in gums or even gingivitis, this is a serious brush for you.

You will find remarkable differences in gum health well into the sixth month of use.

In parts, the gum care is supported by the ergonomic handle of the brush.

You can grip the handle very easily and access the three settings for intensity without any major shift in the grip.

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The cup-profile of the brush head has been designed for the convenience of those who have just shifted from manual tooth brushing.

It reduces the impact on the gums and drives the bristles deeper between the teeth for more effective cleaning.

You know it is time to have the brush head replaced when the blue reminding bristles start fading away.

The design is Snap-On so you can switch it off easily.

The smart-timer and quadpacer work together to clean all four quadrants of the mouth evenly and in less than two minutes.

The battery charge indicator might appear to be a stock feature.

But it actually has great use since the gap in charging time is quite long.

You never revert to manual brushing once you have used a Philips Sonicare. And the 3 Series is no different.

It offers you 31, 000 strokes every minute amid a battery of other features.

The brush head is among the best few we have ever seen.

A compact size and streamlined form factor means it takes very less space inside your bathroom.

Even the charger that comes included with the model is small enough to store on the counter-top of the bathroom.

  • Efficient gum care, great against swollen gums and gingivitis.
  • Very compact design; takes less space.
  • 31, 000 strokes per minute.
  • Effective brush head design.
  • Three different settings for intensity.
  • Quad Pacer and Smart Timer.
  • Brush base not rubberized; may result in slipping.
  • Continuous vibrations on the base.
  • Slightly confusing on-off switch.
  • Gap between neck and head.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Philips Sonicare 3 Series

  • Is it normal to receive an unbranded packaging?

There are two varieties of packaging – manufacturer packaging and frustration free packaging. The latter is the default. You can request for manufacturer’s packaging additionally.

  • Does keeping the brush stationed on the charger have any negative effects?

There is no negative effect whatsoever of storing the brush in the charger.

  • Is there an integrated Quadpacer like other Sonicare brushes?

Both Smart Timer and Quad Pacer features are included in this model.

  • Which intensity setting is the best for sensitive teeth and gums?

It is best to start with the lowest setting. You may work your way up slowly.

Wrap up

The 3 Series Sonicare is not the best from Philips – but it has all the qualities that offer tough competition.

For the 60, 000 odd strokes the brush makes inside your mouth, there is a battery of supporting features.

A Quadpacer and Smart-timer make sure each area gets the attention that is needed.

There are three intensity settings that are a rarity for budget electric toothbrushes.

The Series 3 is also among the best for sensitive gums.

Bottom line

The Series 3 Sonicare is a great electric toothbrush generally and one among the best for sensitive teeth and gums. Make a wise call!

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