Philips Sonicare FlexCare rechargeable electric toothbrush, HX6921 review

There is a reason dentists so widely recommend Sonicare electric toothbrushes – they are simply the best when it comes to overall dental hygiene.

The FlexCare+ is a new member in the already popular Sonicare series and has a lot of hype going for it.It does have a set of neat features that demand attention.

Also, there are a few lows which cannot be ignored. But on the whole, does it deserve all the hype?

We deliberate at all the features of the FlexCare+ from close quarters and leave it on you to make the call. Here is our in-depth review.

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BrandPhilips Sonicare
Product dimension1.7 x 1.7 x 7.3 inches
Weight14.4 ounce
strokes per min31,000 strokes
Brushing modes5 modes
ColorCooper frost
Head includes1 ProResults gum health
Battery typeLithium ION
Running timeupto 3 weeks
Warranty2 year limited

Our impression

The HX6921 Sonicare from Philips is a hot favorite with most dentists. It has been proven clinically to better health of gums within just two weeks of use.

Compared to a manual toothbrush, it can also improve gum condition by a beat 100%. That is some reason to upgrade if you are still using a manual toothbrush.

The HX6921 has a better sonic technology now.

This allows it to generate up to 31,000 strokes every minute. With this kind of frequency, it brings to you brilliant removal of plaque below the gumline and between the teeth.

The HX6921 FlexCare+ promises 6x more general plaque removal than manual toothbrushes.

The HX6921 is also equipped with a quadpacer and a smart-timer that work together to give you two minutes of evenly distributed cleaning throughout the mouth.

Moving on, the HX6921FlexCare+ comes with 5 distinct cleaning modes – massage, sensitive, refresh, gum care and clean.

The clean mode provides excellent cleaning day after day.

The refresh mode is the best one you can get if you are looking for quick-make touch-ups.

The massage mode gently stimulates and adds virility to gums.

The sensitive mode gently cleans the teeth and gum without applying too much pressure.

The gum care mode cleans the entire mouth for two minutes and then adds an extra minute for gently cleaning the gumline.

The HX6921 FlexCare+ comes with a bright illuminated display.

The selected modes are indicated with the unique back lighting of the brush.

When switched off, the backlighting goes invisible to give a clean-slate look.

The battery life of the HX6921 is exceptionally long.

It lasts you for three full weeks. You do not need to worry about charging even if you are travelling abroad.

But we should at least carry the charger with it, in case it becomes necessary or if the trip gets extended.

Sonicare FlexCare

Most dentists recommend the Sonicare because of the synergy between the features and the quadpacer that comes in the toothbrush.

The quadpacer makes sure all the technology Philips has put in the brush gets distributed equally throughout the mouth.

You can easily clean every corner of the mouth for 30 seconds. This might seem like a really trivial issue.

But this actually adds the required consistency to everyday brushing. Over a period of time, this will actually transform the overall health of the mouth.

Plus, the smart-timer makes sure you do not brush for more than two minutes at a go.

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However, if you have been using a lower Sonicare model and are looking to upgrade to the FlexCare+, there is some disappointment in store for you. While the cleaning action and the technology get better, the extra features might not be all that enticing.

The USB case and the travel case should have ideally been one and the same. But that is not really the case here.

The travel case is essentially a plastic shell that holds the brush and the two additional brush heads.

The charging base of the lower models gets replaced with the travel charger.

The travel charger is not really necessary most of the times as you can go three weeks with one full charge.

On the whole, we are really impressed with the five different charging modes of the HX6921 FlexCare+.

They are not there just to add to the count of features. You can actually make different uses of the different cleaning modes.

The sensitive and gum care modes deserve special mention here.

An added minute of cleaning in the gum care mode really goes a long way into looking after the gums and the mouth as a whole.

  • Five distinct modes for cleaning.
  • 31,000 brush strokes every minute.
  • 30 seconds for every quadrant with quad-pacer.
  • Extra minute for gum cleaning mode.
  • Smart-timer for two minutes of cleaning.
  • Three weeks of full charge.
  • A lot of unnecessary features.
  • Comes with a standard small brush.
  • Quite bulky body.
  • Replacement head is better than original.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Philips Sonicare HX6921

  • Does the toothbrush come with included li-ion batteries?

Yes, the batteries are included in the kit. You may leave the brush plugged in there all the time. Or you may insert it into the charge table when necessary.

  • Is there is an integrated UV sanitizer in the kit?

No, this Sonicare model does not come with any sanitizer base as such. There is a cord storage inside the charging stand and a separate travel case.

  • How many heads come in the pack?

The pack includes only one ProResults brush head.

  • Is this a lightweight brush?

While weight is relative, the FlexCare+ is heavier than most brushes in the Sonicare series.

Wrap up

Philips Sonicare FlexCare electric toothbrush, HX6921  is a great electric toothbrush that comes with several advanced features.

There are five cleaning modes in the brush; each with its distinct benefits. The brush works up 31, 000 strokes in a minute.

The quad pacer makes sure the mouth is cleaned evenly at every corner.

You get three weeks of charge at one go. However, a couple of extra features appear redundant.

Bottom line

If you are looking for an electric toothbrush that offers state-of-the-art cleaning at every corner of the mouth, the Sonicare FlexCare+ is a great option.

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