Philips Sonicare Healthy White Plus Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush HX8911/02 review

A bright smile endows you with self-confidence in social circles and allows you to enjoy drinks and food without worrying about the condition of your teeth.

You should try and keep your mouth clean and healthy at all times and the process becomes easier with the new Sonicare Healthy White Plus(HX8911/02) electric toothbrush from brand Philips.

This rechargeable brush has been proven to remove stains from your teeth by almost 100% so that you end up with whiter, cleaner teeth in just a single week.

The unique White Mode on the toothbrush effortlessly removes all stains from dental surfaces and, at the same time, polishes and brightens.

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BrandPhilips Sonicare
Product dimension3.7 x 6.7 x 9.3 inches
Weight12.8 ounce
strokes per min31,000 strokes
Brushing modes2
Head includes1 DiamondClean head
Battery typeLithium ION
Running timeUpto 3 weeks
Warranty2 year limited

Our impression

Philips is one of the most renowned electronic companies in the world and the company believes in the twin concepts of simplicity and functionality.

This is evident from the manufacturer’s latest innovation in the form of the Sonicare Healthy White Plus (HX8911/02) toothbrush which promises to remove almost 100% more stains from your teeth in comparison to manual brushing activities in a span of just one week.

The new product is capable of delivering a dynamic brushing experience so that you get the advantage of thorough yet gentle cleaning that reaches between the gaps in your teeth as well as around the gumline to ensure that you have a clean mouth.

The brush has a powerful performance of almost 31,000 brushstrokes every minute which translates directly into healthier gums within two weeks.

However, you need to use the product on a regular basis if you wish to get effective results.

Rather than go for manual brushing, you would make the wise choice if you used this electric toothbrush since it would provide you with white, stainless teeth and also eradicate plaque from difficult to reach areas of the mouth.

When you buy a pack of SonicareHealthyWhite Plus (HX8911/02), you not only get the toothbrush but some accessories to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

A standard DiamondClean brush head is included in the package along with a hard travel case, one charger and a hygienic travel cap.

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Plus

There are plenty of advantages you get when you purchase this item from Philips and so, despite the high cost, you might want to consider your options since no other toothbrush is capable of delivering such unique performance.

Aside from the removal of stains from your teeth, you get whiter teeth in a span of just one week.

Two weeks of regular use is all it takes for you to enhance the health of your gums.

The device is equipped with a patented sonic technology that is capable of producing almost 31,000 brush strokes in a minute and so there is no doubt that the brush is powerful enough to remove plaque and bacteria from hard to reach corners of your mouth.

There are six different customizable settings which you can change at will in order to get a more thorough and comfortable cleaning experience.

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The electronic toothbrush has a battery life of three weeks, which means that it is capable of lasting a long time.

Aside from that, there are some extra features as well that makes this brush an unstoppable force in the dental health industry. These include the Smartimer feature as well as the Quadpacer.

These aim to mainly help you with optimal duration and pacing of your brushing actions.

The inclusion of DiamondClean technology in the brush head of this product is a wonderful idea on the part of Philips since it possesses diamond-shaped bristles that contribute to additional removal of plaque.

There are two modes of brushing that you can benefit from – White and Clean.

While the latter is capable of offering an amazing cleaning experience on a daily basis in under two minutes, the former manages to brighten and polish your teeth effortlessly by eradicating evert trace of common stains from the teeth, including tea stains, coffee stains, red wine and tobacco.

Your teeth will appear to be whiter by almost two shades if you use the product on a regular basis.

Aside from these two modes of brushing, the item comes with three individual settings of intensity, all of which have been carefully designed to enable you to experience smooth brushing that ultimately leads to a healthier and brighter smile.

  • 100% more removal of stains compared to manual toothbrush.
  • 3 different intensity settings to impart maximum comfort while brushing.
  • 7 times more plaque removal than regular toothbrush.
  • Includes patented sonic technology.
  • Cleans space between teeth thoroughly along with gum line.
  • Brush head may come loose due to vibrations.
  • Does not consistently hold charge in battery.
  • Build quality of charger is not good.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Plus


  • How do the brushing capabilities of the SonicareHealthyWhite Plus differ in Clean and White modes?

Dentists recommend that users brush their teeth every time for a duration of 2 minutes in order to achieve a clean and healthy mouth. This is what the Clean mode of the product does but when you switch to White mode, the brushing time is extended by one minute to give you a deeper brushing experience.

  • Is there any gap present between the brush head and the base that collects dirt?

The Sonicare Healthy White Plus (HX8911/02) has a brush head that attaches tightly to the base and so there is no risk of any gunk collecting in the gap. Moreover, the head is easy to detach and you can then clean the base without any effort.

Wrap up

Innovation and technology are the watchwords in the new electronic toothbrush from Philips – the Sonicare HealthyWhite Plus(HX8911/02)that is capable of delivering white teeth and healthy gums in just a couple of weeks.

The removal of difficult food stains from your teeth is no longer an issue thanks to this product which can help you achieve a clean mouth with regular use.

Bottom line

The Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Plus(HX8911/02) is the ideal choice if you want a moderately priced electronic toothbrush with great performance.

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