Waterpik Sensonic Professional Toothbrush (SR-3000) review – It works great!

The advent of electric brushes became all the more significant with companies like Waterpik, Panasonic and Jetpik rolling out model after model of good brushes.

The latest in line is the Sensonic Professional SR-3000 from Waterpik.

It a face lift of the SR-1000 and as you would guess, it includes new attributes as well.

At the outset, you could say that we are dealing with an improved entry-level contender here.

So, the Sensonic Professional SR-3000 becomes a challenge both to the manual toothbrushes and electric ones.

How impressively does it measure up to it? We find out

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Product dimension3.9 x 6.8 x 9.6 inches
Weight1.6 pounds
strokes per min38,750 strokes
Brushing modes2
Color of handleWhite with sky blue
Head includes3
Battery type Lithium ION
Running timeupto 3 weeks
Warranty2 year

Our impression

The Sensonic Professional from Waterpik brings to the fore sonic technology tooth brushing for brighter teeth and healthier gums.

Sonic technology gives you better control over plaque removal and acts gently yet powerfully on the teeth.

The head design of the Sensonic Professional attracts you with rounded and extra-soft bristles.

These easily get to the remote corners of your inner teeth and the gaps between teeth.

You will find these areas very hard to explore with a manual toothbrush.

Apart from this, there is an ergonomic handle, 2 settings for speed, 3 heads and a 2-minute timer for the brush.

Let’s talk about these in detail.

The shape of the head is oval is like a manual toothbrush.

So you do not feel any major difference when upgrading.

The head design of the Sensonic Professional is unique not because of the rounded bristles or their extra-soft finish.It is the ease with which the brush reaches areas in the mouth that are difficultly accessible.

While the action is powerful to remove maximum plaque, you never feel a hint of extra pressure when the head is in action.

And the extra-soft bristles seem to go great with the angle, requiring minimum effort on your part.

You will never have an issue with the handle of the Sensonic Professional.

It has been ergonomically designed with two settings for speed.

You can switch between high and low intensities as you need.

The design is such that you may do so without having to change the grip.

The recharge indicator has been planted near the base of handle.

The black panel with green digital display is at classic contrast with the white and blue body of the brush.

Along with it, you get 2 hygienic covers for storage of the bush head.

Waterpik has done well to give out a premium-finish travel case with the Sensonic Professional.

Waterpik Sensonic

Like most high-end electric toothbrushes, you get a 2-minute timer with the Sensonic Professional.

This sits in adherence to the time recommended by dentists.

There is a quadrant indicator that vibrates once in 30 seconds.

This lets you know when to switch to another area of the mouth.

This may sound a little inconsequential in the larger scheme of things. But this actually promotes better and more even cleaning in all areas of the mouth.

The end result is also evidently clear – you get a distinctive feel of freshness in the entire mouth by the end two minutes.

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The good thing about the Sensonic Professional is  that it is not only a great switch-over brush if you are still into manual brush, but it also promises more effective plaque removal in the electric segment.

At a budget, it removes about a third of extra plaque than most of its competitors from the higher segments.

Along with that, it is really gentle on your gums. While most feature-loaded models sometimes happen toignore the gums completely, the Sensonic Professional is really gentle on the gums.

You feel the difference in the first week of use.

When it all simply boils down to the results, the Sensonic Professional does not disappoint.

You will start noticing the differences within the first seven days.

After two weeks of use, it gives you considerable improvement in gum health and teeth whiteness.

It comes with a powerful toothbrush goes on for two weeks between charges.

If you are planning a short trip, you may even leave the charger back at home. For an entry model, the bristle speed is formidable.

You get two intensities on that, which is no small feat.

In short, it retains all the positives of the Waterpik SR-1000 and brings more on the table.

  • 29% more effective plaque removal.
  • 26% healthier gums.
  • Faster action than most electric models.
  • Noticeable brightness change within 14 days.
  • Extra-soft and rounded bristles.
  • Cleans at a great angle with minimum pressure.
  • Some units do not last over a year.
  • Not much improvement from the SR-1000.
  • Unimpressive build quality; wears away very easily.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • How long does the charge last?

For typical use by two people, the charge on the Sensonic ProfessionalWaterpik lasts for about two weeks.

  • Is there a two-minute timer like in the older 1000 model?

Yes, you get a two minute timer with a pacer that beats once every 30 seconds so you may switch quadrants easily.

  • Are their replacement heads on this toothbrush?

Yes, replacement heads are available for this brush. You may even use the ones that worked with SR-1000.

  • What is the travel case like?

The travel case is hard-sided and comes with a premium finish. It is the same one that you see in the pictures.

Wrap up

For an electric toothbrush that is an upgrade of an earlier model, [ identifier="B008YA6BWE" locale="US" tag=""]the SR-3000[/]comes with a lot of promise.

It is still a lower-end toothbrush that gives you the impact and features of some of the better pieced models.

Apart from the usual technical features, the head of the Sensonic Professionalis one that stands out in the race.

You will not regret spending money on this toothbrush!

Bottom line

The Waterpik Sensonic Professional toothbrush is a deft tool for electric brushing. Buy it today and you will thank us within two weeks, precisely!

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