H2ofloss Quiet Design With 12 Multifunctional Tips Countertop Dental Oral Irrigator reviews

We do not generally review product that have more than two very strong negatives going against it. The Quiet Design from H2O Flossis almost completely inappropriate for use by children. The on/off button is a near disaster. And the 12 different modes could be utterly confusing for starters. Yet, it is one of the very few quiet water flossers available in the market today. And this brings us to reviewing the Quiet Design. Here is all the information we feel will be vital for you, if you are considering investing in this device.


Reservoir capacity150 Sec
Tank size800ml
Power cord length1.4 meters
Dimensions8.4 x 6.5 x 10.2 "
Including12 Multifunctional tips
Frequency1200 pulses per min
Settings5 (Low, High, One pause, On handle & Stop)
UsageMulti functional (teeth, gum, brace, crown etc)

Our impression

The Quiet Floss from H2ofloss®is a revolutionary design in modern water flossing. Let us start with a few distinct features to support the claim. Unlike most water flossers from Waterpik (WP-660 and WP-65), the H2ofloss® is an extremely quiet device. You may even use it in the middle of the night and not wake up the family. While this has been one annoying miss in most flossers, there have been several attempts by different manufacturers to neutralize the motor-like noise of water flossers. In our opinion, the H2ofloss® Quiet Design represents the limited success we have seen so far.

Slicing down the feature list further, the Quiet Design is 100% waterproof. You will have the luxury to use it in shower. We aren’t much sure about the effectiveness of this feature though. As it is, few people look to water floss while they are in the shower. So there is no question of some add-on in efficiency here. However, since several other water flossers have had this issue of taking too much water-damage on bathroom counter tops,waterproofing does actually find justification on the Quiet Design. You would not have to worry about doing roundabouts between the bathroom and the bedroom.

The holding tips of the Quiet Design are capable of shooting water jets on two sides. This is complemented with the button for configuring the six speeds of the flosser, which is placed ergonomically on the side of the handle. This cuts the chase a great deal and you can actually change the speeds without having to hold the jet.While this may not be that great a maneuver, these are the little things that make a great difference in the usability of water flossers.

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All the features of the Quiet Design from H2O score well up to mark. Then, they give it up to the real boss of its features – the 12 interchangeable and rotating tips of the flosser. This advanced diversification of tips includes nasal irrigation, periodontal, orthodontic and tongue cleaning. And the tips are not just there for the sake of being there. Each and every one of them has a distinct function that you will be able to relate to. For example, the nasal irrigation tip goes out of the league as a nose-cleaning floss tip, a feature that even the top water flossers had ignored previously.

You get up to 12000pulsating strokes every minute with the 5-110 PSI of the H2O Quiet Design. While this is not the highest among the frequencies we have encountered so far, it is definitely one that suits most mouths. Also, you should measure this frequency in relativity with the number and range of flossing tips. We found that this is one frequency that works well with all the tips of the flosser. In fact, 1200 pulsations are all you will need for high frequency flossing too. But we did notice lack of speed when you want to reach areas between braces.

The Quiet Design works like most high end water flossers do – with a combination of pulsations and water pressure. This helps the jet to reach areas deep between the teeth. It also manages to reach and clean below the gumline. However, we felt an additional couple of hundred pulsations in a minute would have ideal. But H2O makes up for that with. The 12 different tips of the flosser provide all round cleaning in and around the mouth. This is where the company returns the value for your money. All you need to do is make sure you derive separate utilities from each of these tips.

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  • Wide range of use with 12 different flosser tips.
  • Very quiet design, completely waterproof.
  • Six speed settings on the ergonomic handle.
  • 12 interchangeable and rotating tips.
  • Includes modes for orthodontic and nasal irrigation.
  • Cumbersome and inconvenient operation.
  • Many modes can lead to confusion.
  • The on/off button gets accidentally triggered.
  • No pause button on device.
  • Cannot be considered safe for children.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Has the leakage issue been fixed by the company?
Yes, the company recalled the models and the leakage issue has been done away with once and for all.
What is the length of the power cord?
The power cord is slightly longer than 51 inches. A little longer would have been better for bathroom users.
What is the duration for the replacement warranty?
The replacement warranty lasts for two years.
What voltage does the model support: 110v or 220v?
This model supports 110v only
Is the product made in the US or China?
This product has been made in China.

Wrap up

The Quiet design from H2O is among the very few flossers that come with above 10 flossing tips (12 to be precise). It comes with a separate tip for nasal irrigation. This is something you hardly find in modern irrigators. While we wish the frequency on the device could have been slightly upward, it actually works well for all the different tips of the device.


The Quiet Design from H2O Floss is a quieter alternative to otherwise noisy water flossing. Do not wake up the family anymore.

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