Updated Version – Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator review

Most water flossers have a two-piece design with the reservoir and handle forming the main components.

The ToiletTree Products oral irrigator is a distinct break from convention.

It combines the two components into one – and does that mostly well.

But there are a few grey areas that emerge with this blend.

How comfortable is it to hold? Is the handle ergonomic enough?

Does it hold enough water?

Or are the buttons easily accessible?

Questions like these took us to an in-depth review of the single unit rechargeable oral irrigator by ToiletTree Products. Here is what we found out.


BrandToiletTree Products
Product dimension2 x 2.5 x 10.5 inches
Weight1 pounds
Colorswhite, grey, black
Battery type Lithium Ion Batteries
Guaranty30 day moneback

Our impression

The ToiletTree Rechargeable water flosser is an updated version of an existing model by the manufacturer.

The major differences that you notice in this new version include Lithium ion batteries, easily fillable tank of water, a quieter motor and a release button for the tip.

We will deliberate further on the individual efficacy of these tips a minute later.

You get three modes of operation in this flosser: normal mode, soft and pulse mode.

The tips are coded with two colors and are interchangeable.

This makes the device usable by more than one user.

The ToiletTree oral irrigator works between 100 and 240V universal voltage. You may also carry it abroad.

But before you do that, we would like you know a few things about the design of the device.

Unlike most of the two-unit water flossers that are available with us so far, this one has a single unit construct.

While that makes it less space occupying than other water flossers, it also substantially enlarges the size of the handle of the brush.

And since the water reservoir is included inside this unit, it also substantially increases the weight of the unit.

A major downside of the single-unit construction of the device is that you will have to make do with less water in the reservoir and thus less water pressure.

Since the new model now comes with lithium-batteries, the pressure has also been adjusted to match up with the performance of the battery.

You will notice that most controls on the device have been placed on the top portion of the toothbrush.

But if you are used to lighter flosser models, there will be some issues with the grip nevertheless. Right below the buttons for on/off and mode control are three lights for normal, pulse and soft modes.

The brand logo has been placed on the bottom-left.

Oral Irrigator

Apart from the hiccups with the overall size, the ToiletTree oral irrigator does well to stand out in the crowd.

The battery life in the last version of the product was nothing short of abysmal.

You will notice that the company has worked a great deal toward the improvement of this feature.

Since most rechargeable products use Ni-MH batteries, the first model came with these batteries only.

However, the effort by ToiletTree Products to replace that with Li-ion batteries is indeed appreciable.

Another major complain with the last model was with the water tank about the device.

Several customers had registered complains with ToiletTree Products about the opening on the tank being too narrow.

ToiletTree Products have now made the tank opening way wider and all you need to do is open the large cap around the back of the device.

This way the reservoir can be filled in a jiffy. We are not suggesting this is the most convenient way still.

But it definitely does the job a lot quicker than before.

So we would again appreciate ToiletTree for this effort with the tank.

Also notable is the release button that the company has added for the tips.

The tips had to be pulled with force in the last model and this is one of the major reasons users criticized the model extensively.

However, with the addition of the new release button, you may just pull the button easily and have the tip removed at once.

Work has also been done on the motor of the device.

The last model was notorious for being too loud. 68% of the noise has been successfully removed from this motor.

You will now feel a lot more at home (instead of a construction site) with the sound.

  • Less cumbersome and easier than string floss.
  • Helps greatly against gingivitis and plaque.
  • Flushes out bacteria from gums.
  • Cleaner mouth and relief from bad breath.
  • Doubled efficacy when cleaning against braces.
  • Very limited durability (1 year).
  • Starts losing out on charge.
  • Limited efficacy when cleaning dental crowns.
  • On/button difficult to locate.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Updated Version Oral Irrigator

  • What is the method for recharging the device?

The device comes with an adapter plug. So recharging is extremely easy and convenient.

  • How much water does the reservoir hold at a time?

The reservoir holds six ounces of water at a time.

  • How long does the water jet holds in different modes?

The jet steadily holds for 60 seconds in normal mode, 75 seconds in soft mode and for about 80 seconds in pulse mode.

  • Does it come with additional tips? If yes, what kind?

Yes, this model does come with additional tips. There are two heads and both are the same.

Wrap up

The Rechargeable oral irrigator from ToiletTree Products is an upgrade of a previous version of the device that had a few major shortcomings – a notoriously loud motor, quick to dry batteries and an irritating fill-up tank.

As a result, there is a new tip-release button, li-ion batteries and a large opening for water filling.

We must say ToiletTree Products have done a decent job at making the flosser fitter for competition.


The rechargeable oral irrigator from ToiletTree Products is a significant change in design from the convention in water flossers and oral irrigators. Make sure you understand the utility before investing.

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