Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser, WP-660 review

Portable water flossers have emerged as effective alternatives to string flossing.

These devices now come laden with technologies and additional features, making them handy choices.

Investing as low as a minute every day could ensure brighter teeth and healthier gums with these new models.

The Waterpik Aquaris WP-660 comes across as a promising prospect in daily water flossing with its compact from factor impressive feature-list.

But does it have what is needed to become the best complement to electronic brushing?

We would like to answer that in parts and apply detail wherever necessary.

Here is our take on the features and overall efficacy of the Waterpik WP-660.

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Product dimension5.9 x 6.6 x 9.2 inches
Weight1.8 pounds
Pressure range10 To 100 PSI
Flow rate (1 min)13 Ounces
Pulses(1 min)1400
Number of Pressure Settings10
Tips Included7
Reservoir Capacity90
Battery typeLithium ION
Warranty3 year

Our impression

The WP-660Aquaris water flosser from Waterpik opens up a whole new avenue of water flossing for you.

It promises you a brighter smile and healthier gums with just a minute of daily use.

As we run through the features, we will try to substantiate or negate the claim. It has two distinct modes: one for massage and another for floss. The enhanced pressure of the brush works well with both the modes.

You get 7 water floss tips and 10 different settings for pressure. The water capacity of the reservoir lasts for 90 seconds.

The WP-660 is compatible with outlets 120VAC/60Hz. Walking ahead from the feature-list, you will first notice the contemporary and compact design of the flosser.

From a distance, it looks like more like a mixer-grinder.

The lower part of the flosser (where all the consoles exist) has been designed meticulously.

The largest knob on the side controls the speed at which the water jet hits your mouth.

The circular vacancy near the base of the flosser holds the rest of the cord of the flosser.

The on/off switch is placed right in the middle of the handle so that you can reach for it easily.

You will find the pressure control feature of the flosser easy and convenient to control.

The LED display furthers the convenience of the on/off button to give you precise readings.

Also, you get a 1-minute timer built in the device.

That, along with the 30 second pacer removes all guesswork out of water flossing.

The flosser depends on a combine of pulsations and water pressure to keep the mouth clean between the teeth and eve below the gumline.

In our opinion, the action below the gumline is indeed praise worthy.

In fact, we found it comparable to some of the high-end oral irrigators in this regard.

Waterpik Water Flosser

The real bonus you get with the WP-660 is its performance vis-à-vis plaque removal.

We noticed this water flosser is an absolute ace when it comes to effective removal of plaque.

The WP-660 guarantees removal of up to 99.9% plaque from every treated area.

And that is something we would want to note very precisely.

That is because even if you do not use the best sonic toothbrush in the market, this water flosser will have the job covered for you. The toothbrush is also an essential if you are wearing implants.

It delivers up to twice the performance you receive from string floss.

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The WP-660 is also one of the best water flossers for braces. Along with dental implants, this is also a great flosser for implants.

While most water flossers (and even some electric toothbrushes) do not specialize in removing plaque trapped around braces, the WaterpikWP-660 delivers stunning performance.

Compared to string flossing, this flosser removes up to thrice the measure of plaque from the teeth.

One of the basic ways in which this turns out to become a positive is that you do not have to invest in another product for cleaning plaque around the braces.

The WP-660 is the one device you would need for effective flossing and brace cleaning as well.

All the promise offered by the WP-660 takes us to the bottom line – a promise of healthier gums in 14 days.

Now we must confess this is one promise almost every water flosser udder the sun seems to make.

But when we connect the dots around the different points highlighted by the attributes, we realize that the game is slightly tilted in favor of the WP-660.

It has got genuine plaque tackling skills and that has not come for nothing.

The only downside we noticed so far was the reservoir, which we though could have been larger.

  • Effective plaque removal capability.
  • Better gum protection around dental implants.
  • Works 3x better when removing plaque from around braces.
  • Promises better gums in two weeks.
  • Comes with 10 pressure settings.
  • Special plaque seeker and orthodontic tips.
  • Slightly expensive compared to string floss.
  • Tricky on/off switch.
  • Can be sleep-affectingly loud.
  • Not the most portable water flosser around.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Waterpik WP-660

  • Can the device be used in China with 220V household voltage?

Not ideally, Waterpik does not provide service on any defect on the device that occurs outside the US.

  • How loud is the Waterpik WP-660?

The WP-660 is quite loud. You will find it difficult to use when others are sleeping.

  • Where is the storage for the piks?

The piks are stored inside a small slot under the hinge of the cap.

  • Is the 3-year warranty by Waterpik also valid on online shopping?

Yes, you can avail the warranty irrespective of the place or medium of purchase.

  • Can sharing the WP-660 within the family result in any hygiene violation?

No, the device never actually comes in contact with the mouth if you use it properly.

Wrap up

The WP-660 strings together several pearly features that make it one of the best water flossers around.

The device delivers good performance around braces and orthodontics and clears plaque perfectly.

You will also benefit from the Aquaris technology that drives fluid deeper between teeth and in areas below the gumline.

The ergonomic of the handle is sweetly done. We would have liked a more distinctly accessible on/off switch though.

Bottom line

Buying the WP-660 is all about investing in oral health, particularly the gums. It is among the few valid alternatives to string flossing.

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