Waterpik Water Flosser For Kids, WP-260 reviews

We rarely have separate water flossers for kids. But expectations are different from manufacturers like waterpik. And Waterpik mostly delivers on them.

This brings us to the priming WP-260 for kids.

This is in fact, an adaptation of the already successful Waterpik WP-300.

So we would naturally expect most things to work well for this flosser. But here are a few cautious considerations too.

We look at those in the review.

Along with that, we also deliver a boatload of reasons on why you should be investing in the WP-260 as a worthy dental hygiene partner for your kids.

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Product dimension5.8 x 5.2 x 9 inches
Weight1.8 pounds
Pressure range10 To 90 PSI
Flow rate (1 min)13 Ounces
Reservoir Capacity60
Number of Pressure Settings3
Tips Included2
Battery typeLithium ION
Warranty3 year

Our impression

The WP-260 Kid Flosser from Waterpik presents an easy and fast way to water flossing for kids.

It lets your kids do he flossing themselves in a fast, fun and effective manner.

Basically all you need to do is leave your kids with this flosser for a minute a day and they will take care of themselves.

Adding to the fun are 20 vibrant, removable and catchy cling decals. Your kids can get them removed whenever they want a change in style; or maybe you can do that for them when they are upset.

Also, the flosser supports universal voltage and you may take both children and the device wherever you go around the world.

The WP-260 has been custom created by Waterpik for use by children over 6 years of age.

You must not allow children below 6 to use this flosser. We found the design fairly simple and easy and one that makes flossing very easy for children.

Since many kids have braces, the WP-260 also assists with performance on braces. The flosser also offers you an electrical design that is additionally secure and kid-proof.

The fingertip controls are easy to maneuver and have been placed tactfully on the ergonomic handle of the flosser.

There is a reservoir and a Pressure Control System too, which are implemental in keeping the flosser clean.

The promise for braces is not a shallow one (which is typically the case in most kid flossers).

We put the device though some serious tests and it performed every time.

Apart from the classic tip on the flosser that comes for general cleaning, there is also an orthodontic tip on the flosser.

This orthodontic tip has been carefully designed to allow the jet to reach between the braces and promote superior cleaning.

The tip works beautifully given the size of kid braces is not the same as that of regular braces.

This also goes well if your kid has sensitive teeth which do not bear the pressure of the classic tip.

Water Flosser

The reservoir of the device has been placed right above the body.

This works well for you in two ways. One, you will be able to extract maximum pressure out of the jet.

This comes in handy when cleaning braces too.

Then, the reservoir atop the device also helps in keeping it clean and free from dust.

We would also like you to note that the reservoir is adequately well-sized as well. Even most good water flossers for kids have a persistent reservoir size issue.

Thankfully, that is not the case with this product though. The reservoir allows at least a minute of consistent jet flow.

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Once you are done using the device for the day, the reservoir can be inverted and placed on top of the device.

This way you do not have to worry about cleaning the device time and again at length.

Also, the two-year warranty accompanying the device is a welcome feature that many other flossers would not provide.

We call this a pretty brace step by the company given the reservoir has a 60-second limit to the water jet.

Along with that it provides 100% better cleaning for plaque.

That is quite a step forward too, given children from plaque far quicker than adults.

With over 20 designs and a string of impressive features, you may expect big things from this kid flosser.

The good thing is, barring a few features which could have been worked upon, the WP-260 does not disappoint.

There are some real gems of features and we took a serious liking to the plaque removal abilities and performance on braces.

The flosser has a gross effect of total freshness and cleanliness for kids. The action on gums is far healthier than traditional flossing.

  • Fast and easy water flossing for kids.
  • Healthier gums and teeth with just a minute of daily use.
  • Safe and kid-friendly electronic device.
  • Universal voltage function.
  • 20 funky and detachable cling decals.
  • Wide open reservoir; may attract bathroom debris.
  • Sounds like a mini-motor.
  • Not exactly as efficient as flossing.
  • Could do with a pause button.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Waterpik WP-260

  • How is this model different from the one for adults?

The models are different primarily for the size and the number of attachments.

The smaller version takes much less area and holds less water.

  • Can the product be shared by children?

Yes, you can easily share the product between two children. There is an additional hole inside the unit for holding that extra tip.

  • Is the product safe to use in China, with 220v?

Yes, the voltage is universal and can suit anything between 100-240v.

  • What options are available for the replacement tips?

The replacement tips are same as that of the adult unit. You may place an order for them online.

Wrap up

The WP-260 is a winner as a smart, intuitive and fun water flosser for kids.

It has over 20 funky design decals, a great reservoir, self-cleaning mechanic and an extra orthodontic tip.

The real scorers for the flosser are its performance on braces and plaque removal ability.

Your kid will end up loving the water flossing with the WP-260. And so will you.

Bottom line

Water flossing for kids does not have to be boring. With the WaterpikWP-260, you find an all new option to keep your child interested in dental hygiene.

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